Record Collector - Issue 503 Mar 2020

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Issue 503 Mar 2020


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March 2020

Issue no: 503

DAVID SOUL - The actor formerly known as “Hutch” on his musical past.  

BOB GELDOF - With the first Boomtown album for 36 years, Pete Paphides meets the King of the Rats.      

THE SEARCHERS - The story of the jangle-pop pioneers – in their own words. 

MARIA McKEE - The former Lone Justice cowpunk on her theatrical new record – and dramatic new worldview. 

THE PRISONERS - The 80s modgarage band with a 90s and 00s influence.  

CLARENCE ‘FROGMAN’ - HENRY At home in New Orleans with the (I Don’t Know Why) But I Do R&B star.    

12” SINGLES - It’s 45 years since the first 12” singles were made widely available. A good excuse, then, for our list of the 45 most collectable 12”s around.