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Fruupp's Masquerading With Dawn
Fruupp's Masquerading With Dawn
Fantasy - Paint A Picture
Fantasy - Paint A Picture
Out of Stock
Collective Marriage + Together Bundle
Collective Marriage + Together Bundle
Collective Marriage  LP
Collective Marriage LP
Together/Sexopolis 7
Together/Sexopolis 7" single
Polly Niles
Polly Niles
The Bunch
The Bunch
Ptolomy Psycon
Ptolomy Psycon
Factory - Time Machine 7
Factory - Time Machine 7"

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Welcome to our range of rare vinyl, produced exclusively for 
Record Collector readers.
Why is a magazine pressing albums?
Well, it's a logical move for us. Like you, we know what we like. And we know how hard it is to find what we like. We too have been burnt by inferior reissues of rare records that turned out to be badly mastered or badly pressed. We are fully aware of the risks of shelling out a fortune for an original copy of a single or album that either turns out to be the wrong thing, a bootleg or in a condition that's “not as described”. Well, rather than moan we thought we would so something about it. Hence our Rare Vinyl Series.
Our first step was the release of Pussy's Pussy Plays, in September 2009. Our readers loved it and it sold out in a matter of months. It set a precedent for the Rare Vinyl Series. The idea is simple: do it right. Select a rare, highly sought after album - often a private pressing. Sign a deal with the original band or owners of the rights - this is all above board, not a dodgy pirate deal. Reproduce the original sleeve and label perfectly, right down to the paper quality - if there was no sleeve or no label, that's how it will have to be. If it was in a hand-made sleeve than we would make the sleeve by hand! Then seek out the best-possible source to master from, usually the original master tape if it survives. Produce a high-quality pressing to the highest standards. Talk to the artists concerned to get the full story behind the making of the record. And strictly limit the edition's numbers so that when it's all sold, there are no more to mysteriously appear on the market - when you buy a Record Collector album, it is not going to lose its value.
Each album is sent out with a certificate of authenticity signed by Ian Shirley, the Editor of the Rare Record Price Guide, who looks after the rare vinyl series, so you know it's the real deal.  
Our Rare Vinyl Series has gone from strength to strength over the past decade or so. We've pressed original material that was never issued - such as Wellington's Wellington and Cressida's Trapped In Time - The Lost Tapes - and found an equal hunger for this amazing, missing-in-action music. We've released a rare reggae LP by the Hippy Boys that sold out in less than a month, and even given away a punk EP to new subscribers. In June 2013 we launched Plankton - a killer compilation of Fruits De Mer material - that marked the opening of our Modern Collectables Series, which brings you the best of sought-after music from recent years.
The response to our records has been amazing, with the early albums fast becoming collectors' items!
Why is a magazine pressing albums? Because we're serious about music - and we know that you are serious about music too. So let's do it the right way, and finally allow you - and us - to delight in some of this truly great music that's languished unappreciated and unknown for decades.
The records in our Rare Vinyl series shown above are still available so buy a copy quick before they run out…
The Rare Vinyl series is…

Pussy - Pussy Plays (Oct 2009)
Red Dirt (Jan 2010)
Wil Malone (May 2010) SUBSCRIBER ONLY
Ambrose Slade - Beginnings (Aug 2010)
Orange Bicycle (Dec 2010)
The Smoke - It's Smoke Time (Mar 11)
The Hippy Boys - Reggae with The Hippy Boys (Jun 2011)
Agincourt - Fly Away (Sept 2011) RCLP 001
Cressida - The Lost Tapes (Dec 2011) RCLP 002
Grannie (Mar 2012) RCLP 003
Leviathan - Unleashed (Jul 2012) RCLP 004
Wellington (Oct 2012) RCLP 005
The Riot Squad - Making Up for Lost Time (Jan 2013) RCLP 006 
The Stereotypes EP (May 2013) SUBSCRIBER ONLY
Backhouse James' Blues Band (Jun 2013) RCLP 007
Fruits de Mer -Plankton (Jul 2013) MODERN COLLECTABLES 1 RCLP 008 
Rise Above - Something in the Water (Nov 2013) MODERN COLLECTABLES 2 RCLP 009
Aubrey Small (Christmas 2013) RCLP 010
Deena Webster - is Tuesday's Child (Feb 2014) RCLP 011
Motherlight (May 2014)
The Rockabilly Acetates Collection (Aug 2014) RCLP 012
Ken Saul - Seashells (Nov 2014) RCLP 013
Poppa Ben Hook / Museum (Jan 2015) RCLP 014
Keith Emerson - Keith Emerson Trio 10"(Apr 2015) RCLP 015
The Zipps - Ever Stoned & Live (July 2015) RCLP 017
The Seeds - Satisfy You 7” single (August 2015) RCSEED1
Strange Stone (Sep 2015) RCLP 016
Syd Banger's Wally Smashing Big Roll Band (Steve Marriott) - Jimi's Tune 7" single (Nov 2015) SYD BANGER 1
The Earth (Alan Parsons) - Elemental (December 2015) RCLP 019
Small Town Scenery: Lost Indie Gems 1985-1995  (Feb 2016) MODERN COLLECTABLES 3 RCLP 018
Allen Pound's Get Rich - Searchin' In The Wilderness 7" single (April 2016) POUND ONE
The Artwoods - Live At Klooks Kleek (June 2016) RCLP 020
Dane Hunter - The Drifter 7" (October 2016)
Indian Summer (November 2016) RCLP 022
Don Rendell - Live at Klooks Kleek (March 2017) RCLP 023
Frozen Tear - The Hunter 7" single (May 2017) FROZEN001
Flare - (July 2017) RCLP 021
One Way Ticket - Return Journey (October 2017) RCLP 024
Washington Rucker - Jennie 7” single (January 2018)
The Whippets from Nowhere - Concrete Academy (March 2018) RCLP 025
F-X - Souths Gonna Rise Again 7” Single (March 2018) FX001
Soliloquy (June 2018) RCLP 026
Factory - Castle on the Hill 7” single (January 2018)
Ptolemy Psycon - Loose Capacitor (December 2018) RCEPSPLINT001  
- Escape From New York (March 2019) RCLP 027
The Bunch
Spare A Shilling (June 2019) RCLP 028
Polly Niles
- Sunshine In My Rainy Day Mind (September 2019) RCLP 029
Ken Saul
- Songs For A Rainy Day (December 2020) RCLP 030
Both Hands Free
- Both Hands Free (April 2020) RCLP 031
The Marriage Collective
(November 2020) RCLP 032
Together/Sexpolis (November 2020) SEXO 1
Collective Marriage + Together Bundle (November 2020)
Fantasy - Paint a Picture (August 2021)

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