Record Collector - Issue 516 Mar 2021

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Issue 516 Mar 2021


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MARCH 2021   

Issue no: 516

Exclusive features include:

GENESIS - A band whose career is often divided into two eras – with Peter Gabriel as frontman and then the later, Phil Collins-led period of world domination – have a fascinating, and collectable pre-history. We talk to some of those who were part of it
PHIL SPECTOR - Remembering a musical genius and a very flawed individual
MARK LANEGAN - The former Screaming Tree on a purple patch of creativity and coming to terms with his past
BRIT GIRLS - Cilla, Dusty et al endured, but other young female voices only briefly shone. We celebrate some homegrown 60s hopefuls that deserved better
ISAAC HAYES - How the voice of the Shaft soundtrack helped drag 60s soul into the symphonically enhanced 70s
DAF - We reappraise the German duo whose homoerotic, provocative electro-punk tore dance music several new orifices