Record Collector - Issue 521 Aug 2021

Issue 521 Aug 2021


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AUGUST 2021  


Exclusive features include:

THE BEACH BOYS - How albums such as Sunflower and Surf’s Up reinvented what were regarded as surf-pop has-beens, as West Coast rock royalty – with input from the likes of Charlie Manson, reclusive genius bandleaders and intra-band conflict

EDDY GRANT - From No 1 as an Equal via a heart attack to global stardom, then a sideline as a Caribbean studio mogul, Mr Grant has quite the CV to walk us through
MAGGIE BELL - How the Glaswegian blues-rock singer overcame tragedy to make a distinctive mark on the 70s
STEVE MILLER - A blues-schooled 60s survivor turned stadium rock star, now an entertainingly outspoken old stager
FANTASY - The Rare Record Club presents Fantasy’s 1973 prog gem, Paint A Picture
THE 5TH DIMENSION - The story of the beautiful balloon trip of these multi-racial psychedelic soul-pop trailblazers
SHE TRINITY - Investigating one of the first all-female bands, whose influence far outweighed their commercial success