Record Collector - Issue 522 Sept 2021

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Issue 522 Sept 2021


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Exclusive features include:

GEORGE HARRISON - It’s always the quiet ones. So it proved when a lesser-celebrated Beatle dropped his first post-Fabs solo set in 1970 and arguably outshone his old bandmates. Colleagues, friends and family share their thoughts as it turns 51
PETER HAMMILL - The art-rock pioneer retraces his off-kilter career, both solo and with Van Der Graaf Generator
BRIAN MAY - The Queen guitar icon talks us through his newly reissued solo work, via tales of Freddie, Cozy and Axl Rose
JOSEF K - The early Postcard signings offer faintly baffled reflections on how their idiosyncratic post-punk sound has endured
READING FESTIVAL - Fifty years ago, someone had the bright idea of building a festival on a flooded landfill site. It could never work, could it?
ALLIGATOR RECORDS - The story of the resilient, influential Chicago blues label, according to founder Bruce Iglauer
FRED NEIL - Remembering the under-acknowledged, multivalent folk songwriter