Record Collector - Issue 524 Nov 2021

Issue 524 Nov 2021


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november 2021  


Exclusive features include:

T.REX - Fifty years since Electric Warrior cemented his status as the corkscrew-curled king of the burgeoning glam-rock movement, we trace Marc Bolan’s 12-month evolution from flower child and indie-folk underground darling to mainstream pop messiah
TERRY HALL - The Specials have returned with an album of protest-themed covers, but for their leader it’s been a long and winding road back into the fold of his first band
ELP - Carl Palmer guides us through a pictorial history of the organ-abusing, stadium-filling, drumkit-customising, classical-channelling prog power trio
JAM & LEWIS - The legendary production duo have made a debut album, but we’re just as interested to hear their stories about Prince, Janet Jackson and her late brother...
GOTH - The beginnings of a post-punk movement that is now arguably the world’s biggest subculture, told via archive photos and our pick of key 80s releases