Record Collector - Issue 558 Jun 2024

Issue 558 Jun 2024


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june 2024


COVER STORY PINK FLOYD - Having achieved unparalleled success with 1973’s Dark Side Of The Moon, Messrs Waters, Gilmour, Wright and Mason faced the thankless task of following it. With a little help from their friends, they created Wish You Were Here, as a mysterious pres-ence from their past lurked in the studio shadows...
PETE WYLIE - The Wah! veteran and Liverpool post-punk legend regales RC with tales of Cru-cial Threes, near-death experiences, creative highs and commercial lows. Now he claims he’s “The British Taylor Swift”. Hmmm...
GERED MANKOWITZ - The photographer who framed the 60s has a new exhibition. He talks us through some highlights, including classic shots of the Stones, Oasis, Kate Bush and The Yard-birds
JUDAS PRIEST - The godfathers of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal are still breaking the law, no backmasking required, and have just had a No 2 album
JACKIE DESHANNON - One of the go-to songwriters of the 60s and 70s looks back on a storied life and a solo career that should have been more widely appreciated
XMAL DEUTSCHLAND - Anja Huwe and bandmates helped define the 4AD sound of the early 80s. After many years away from music, she’s picking up that creative thread once more
FROM THE VAULTS - Reissues from artists as varied as Luther Vandross, Pavement and Gina G given a listen
NEW ALBUMS - Paul Weller’s latest stars in our overview of fresh long-playing releases, with Camera Obscura and Bernard Butler in eye-catching supporting roles
BOOKS - Yet more Bowie- and Beatles-related volumes plus Serj Tankian and more
LIVES - Performances by Slash and Richard Thompson are among those witnessed