RC Special - Foo Fighters

RC Special - Foo Fighters
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Record Collector Presents... Foo Fighters

Want to read the highly unlikely story of the biggest rock band anywhere on the
planet? The group that emerged from the ashes of Nirvana and, against all the
odds, became the 21st century’s defining stadium act and rock’n’roll phenomenon?
Then you’ll need to order Record Collector Presents Foo Fighters, the in-depth,
no-holds-barred story of Dave Grohl’s meteoric rise from punk outcast to drum
legend to spokesman for a generation. With hundreds of Foos rarities to enjoy and
the full story of the tours, films, collaborations, comedies and tragedies that have
shaped Grohl and his cast of merry men, there’s no other magazine like it.

In Shops: 3 August
Pre-orders Dispatch: 1 August