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• Most tracks never heard or released before
• Strictly limited edition of 500 copies in a striking sleeve
• Most of the 20 tracks taken from one-off acetate discs
• Complete with numbered certificate of authenticity from Ian Shirley, the editor of the Rare Record Price Guide.
• Restored and pressed on 180gram collector's vinyl

It’s time to put on your blue suede shoes and stiffen your quiff!

That’s right, the next instalment of Record Collector’s rare record club has seen us jump in a time machine and head back the 50s to lift up big rocks and swim to the bottom of the ocean to hunt down rare rockabilly tracks – mostly from Texas - many of which have never seen the light of day or even been heard!

The man to praise is 50s collector Bob Solly who has taken the time and effort to pick out 20 hot tracks from his personal collection. The majority have been lifted from rare one-off acetates from artists known and unknown who went into the studio and recorded tunes that they penned themselves or cover versions that are so raw and driving we guarantee that even if you are not a rock and roll or rockabilly fan you will get excited and hot under the collar. Now, most of these cuts have never been issued, compiled or even heard so you are in for a treat. Tiny Tim Bowman’s I Gotta Find Somebody kicks things off opening with a powerful guitar lick and fantastic vocal and the LP just gets better and better.

You may never have heard of artists like Sugar Bob Kirkland, Chuck Atha or Melanie And The Lyrics but once this LP has been played we guarantee that the chorus of tracks like I Don’t Love You Anymore will be etched in your brain. The Rip Tyde’s version of The Girl Can’t Help it is astounding as is the instrumental Stamped by Myers Giuffre & The Mustangs. There are even four tracks by Unknown Artists as we don’t know who they are as there is no name on the acetate but they rock and roll like a fishing boat on the high seas. One, for example, is just a man in love with Jerry Lee Lewis playing a piano and singing his heart out as if his life depended upon it! This is Rockabilly as enthusiasts love it, raw, direct and totally compelling. All meat, no fat, no filler.

We have taken care and effort to transfer the acetates and restore the sound without losing the infectious sound of the original recording. There might be some clicks and pops but there is also nuclear powered rock and roll!

Bob Solly has even done the cover art and written the liner notes. With this LP coming in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve this is one you should order now as once word gets out amongst rock and roll collectors as to how good this stuff sounds – and this is also mega rare – then this pressing will sell out! This is a great album and can be yours for £19.99 plus p&p..