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·         Scarce gem from 1977

·         Special gatefold sleeve 

·         Limited to 500 copies to retain rarity status. Only available from Record Collector 

·         Complete with numbered certificate of authenticity, signed by Ian Shirley, Editor of the Rare Record Price Guide 

“We did it for the sheer fun of it…” 


The latest release in RC’s Rare Vinyl series is Strange Stone, a scarce gem from 1977 full of glorious songs which only a very few have been lucky enough to hear until now. Recorded at his parent’s house, Aberdonian Paul Hansford’s songs ranged from the reflective ballad Strange Stone via a song about oppression – Keeping You Down – to the powerful and driving White Trash.

As a singer-songwriter he learned from the best: “I was listening to pretty mainstream stuff like Paul McCartney and Wings and Harry Nilsson.” The emphasis was on well-arranged, direct melodic songs. Not only did the LP become collectable due to its rarity, but those who owned and heard the album were overwhelmed by it. Every song is beautifully arranged and performed, from the organ-dominated prowl of We’re Going Out (Tonight) to the wah-wah guitar underpinning Home Sweet Home/Never Got Bored Before. Absolutely timeless.